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The story behind the man in the circle


With his new patch sewn on, the good-hearted medic drew a circle around himself. He vowed that he would always take care of anyone in that circle. His partner was the first to enter the circle, followed by many patients over the next year. Soon a wife and child joined him, along with her entire family. Neighbors and people throughout the community all wanted to be in his circle. The circle grew until its sides could no longer be seen, but the medic was good-hearted and eager to help anyone, for any reason. This is the life of a medic, he thought.

Years passed and one night after a particularly hard day at work, the weary medic felt something he had never experienced. For the first time he felt the weight, the weight of everyone who had ever stepped foot in his circle. The crushing pressure was too much for him to stand. As he kneeled down, he again saw the circle, the circle he had drawn so many years ago, but now the goodhearted medic was alone in that circle.

The medic drew a circle around himself and vowed that he would always take care of anyone in that circle, but instead, he took care of everyone outside of the circle. The circle can be a lonely place.

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